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Serious travelers, either for business or leisure, swear by caffeine to get them going throughout the day after a tiring trip. People from all over the world enjoy their coffee differently. The one thing that binds coffee lovers is their craving for a good cup wherever they may be.

Montreal foodie Enrico Frank Andreoli loves going to Crew Collective & Café for an excellently cup of coffee paired with house-made pastries. The bank-turned-café offers a neoclassical vibe makes for a great co-working space. Located on the fifth floor of Montreal’s Old Port flagship boutique, Ssense Café offers cold-pressed drinks from…

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According to Montreal native Enrico Frank Andreoli, one of his favorite and most iconic dishes from his hometown is Schwartz’s world-famous Smoked Meat Sandwich. He knows about people’s common misconceptions, which leads them to believe that smoked meat and pastrami sandwiches are the same.

For today’s blog, Enrico Frank Andreoli compares both mouthwatering dishes.

While both sandwiches are famous, they come from different locations. Pastrami hails from New York, while smoked meat comes from Montreal. And they are food staples of residents in their hometowns.

Montreal native, foodie, and food critic Enrico Frank Andreoli mentions that learning how to bake is one of the best skills to master in the kitchen. To illustrate his point, he shares three pancake powder-based meals that people in Montreal love.

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Funnel cakes

To make this childhood favorite, one only needs pancake powder, a sandwich bag, and confectioner’s sugar. Ensure the oil is good and hot to give the batter its golden-brown color and crunchy texture. That’s what makes all the difference, according to Enrico Frank Andreoli.

Pancake mix biscuits

Still staying with great snacks from one’s childhood, Enrico Frank…

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Enrico Frank Andreoli is a foodie based in Montreal, Canada. Over the past few years, he has made it his life’s mission to go around the city and taste the best dishes his hometown has to offer. In the past months, he’s blogged about his mouthwatering adventures, chronicling the best restaurants and food establishments, as well as some of the most exciting dishes everyone in Montreal should try at least once in their lives.

For today’s blog, Enrico Frank Andreoli puts the spotlight on one of his favorite exotic dishes — the doner kebab. This pita-wrapped delicacy made of moist…

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Montreal is known for so many things, but the one thing that Enrico Frank Andreoli loves most about his hometown is the food. He has even taken to blogging to come up with lists and guides for people who have never been to Montreal and plan to visit in the future.

For this blog, Enrico Frank Andreoli lists three more dishes visitors in Montreal should try at least once during their stay in the magnificent city.

Mish-Mash: Over at 93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O is an establishment named Beauty’s. This establishment’s specialty is called the Mish-Mash, which is an omelet…

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Chefs and foodies describe Montreal cuisine as a melting pot of different cultures with a hint of fusion. As Montreal is home to people from other countries and cultures, its food is truly among the world’s best. The city’s take on Asian classics is also worth praising.

Enrico Frank Andreoli, a Montreal-based foodie, credits the calibration of his taste buds to the many excellent Asian restaurants in his hometown. La Petite Mangue is a Cambodian restaurant that has been the subject of countless praises from experts in the field and food fans. Its lemongrass soup tastes like paradise, and its…

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Starting the day right with a good meal will always be worth it whether it’s to recover from a busy night or to welcome a new day.
Enrico Frank Andreoli from Montreal says that his city is home to many breakfast and brunch places that serve the best food. Here are some of his recommendations.


Located in Mile End, this European-style cafe offers all-day meals. However, Enrico Frank Andreoli, Montreal native says that for him the best time to visit this cafe is during the morning. Their breakfast sandwich, soups, salads, appetizers, and other offerings in the menu are…

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Montreal is known for so many things, including its well-preserved natural environment and its tradition in hosting the biggest sporting events in the world. However, Montreal is also quite known to serve some of the best food in the. Enrico Frank Andreoli of Montreal shares some iconic dishes in this part of Canada.

1. Hamburger at Dic Ann’s

A perennial favorite of many locals since 1954, this hamburger is popular because of two simple things. It is actually a good old fashioned burger served on a pancake. …

Enrico Frank Andreoli Montreal

Enrico Frank Andreoli is a Montreal-based foodie. As someone who enjoys discovering new restaurants, cafés, and hole-in-the-wall eateries, he has decided to sh

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