A local foodie’s guide to the best breakfast and brunch spots in Montreal

Image source: Pexels.com

Starting the day right with a good meal will always be worth it whether it’s to recover from a busy night or to welcome a new day.
Enrico Frank Andreoli from Montreal says that his city is home to many breakfast and brunch places that serve the best food. Here are some of his recommendations.


Located in Mile End, this European-style cafe offers all-day meals. However, Enrico Frank Andreoli, Montreal native says that for him the best time to visit this cafe is during the morning. Their breakfast sandwich, soups, salads, appetizers, and other offerings in the menu are worth a taste. But for locals, the breakfast sandwich is a must-try.

Beauty’s Luncheonette

This Mont-Royal luncheonette has been part of the city since 1942. According to Enrico Frank Andreoli, this place is an iconic part of the city’s culinary scene. T Countless celebrities have also paid a visit to this Montreal institution. For those who want to have their morning meal here, “Beauty’s Special” is a must-try. It is a breakfast sandwich with bagels from St-Viateur paired with smoked salmon, tomato, onion, and cream cheese. Their pancakes, mac n’ cheese, and choco-chip banana bread are also worth noting.

Bagel Etc.

Located in St-Laurent Blvd., this famed Montreal eatery is known for being the late Leonard Cohen’s favorite spots in the city. With classic Victorian furniture and an old diner feel, it is a cozy spot for those who want their comfort food for breakfast. Aside from their sesame-seed bagels, the place also serves bacon, sausages, and other common brunch items that one will truly enjoy. The huevos rancheros and their selection of hot sauces are a must-try. Bagel Etc is known for being a casual dining place that would make one feel welcome.

Enrico Frank Andreoli is a Montreal-based foodie. As someone who enjoys discovering new restaurants, cafés, and hole-in-the-wall eateries, he has decided to sh

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