Four best Asian restaurants in Montreal

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Chefs and foodies describe Montreal cuisine as a melting pot of different cultures with a hint of fusion. As Montreal is home to people from other countries and cultures, its food is truly among the world’s best. The city’s take on Asian classics is also worth praising.

Enrico Frank Andreoli, a Montreal-based foodie, credits the calibration of his taste buds to the many excellent Asian restaurants in his hometown. La Petite Mangue is a Cambodian restaurant that has been the subject of countless praises from experts in the field and food fans. Its lemongrass soup tastes like paradise, and its Amok fish is a taste to behold. Ramen Plaza is the perfect restaurant to head to when it’s cold outside. Its menu makes one feel warm and fuzzy, and its side dishes, chicken, and dumplings are perfect additions to a patron’s bowl of ramen.

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I Sushi boasts of top-notch service and incredible décor, perfect for date nights and nights out with friends. Its white tuna, along with other sushi, is a taste to behold. Its premium customer treatment is one of the reasons why I Sushi is regarded as one of Montreal’s best Asian restaurants. Jiep Jiep can be a tricky word to nail, but this Japanese-Korean restaurant offers customers no difficulty when it comes to naming it one of the finest Asian restaurants in Montreal. The counter kitchen and the dining room complete with Hong Kong minimalism décor go best with the restaurant’s fantastic kimchi, bibimbap, and other Korean and Japanese food, says Enrico Frank Andreoli of Montreal.

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