Great pancake recipes every: Montreal native should know how to make

Montreal native, foodie, and food critic Enrico Frank Andreoli mentions that learning how to bake is one of the best skills to master in the kitchen. To illustrate his point, he shares three pancake powder-based meals that people in Montreal love.

Funnel cakes

To make this childhood favorite, one only needs pancake powder, a sandwich bag, and confectioner’s sugar. Ensure the oil is good and hot to give the batter its golden-brown color and crunchy texture. That’s what makes all the difference, according to Enrico Frank Andreoli.

Pancake mix biscuits

Still staying with great snacks from one’s childhood, Enrico Frank Andreoli mentions pancake mix biscuits. What will raise eyebrows is how easy these biscuits are to make. To make the biscuit a bit harder, lessen the water and put in more butter. It can be sculpted into different shapes before being put in the oven for around eight minutes.

Banana bread

Banana bread via pancake mix is not only tasty, but it’s also very healthy, says Enrico Frank Andreoli. You’ll need pancake batter, butter, mashed bananas, nuts, chocolate chips, and a cake tray. Add a bit of vanilla extract or sugar for a sweeter taste. Choose either gluten-free or whole wheat pancake mix to make the bread even healthier.

Enrico Frank Andreoli is a Montreal-based foodie. As someone who enjoys discovering new restaurants, cafés, and hole-in-the-wall eateries, he has decided to sh

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