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Montreal is known for so many things, including its well-preserved natural environment and its tradition in hosting the biggest sporting events in the world. However, Montreal is also quite known to serve some of the best food in the. shares some iconic dishes in this part of Canada.

1. Hamburger at Dic Ann’s

A perennial favorite of many locals since 1954, this hamburger is popular because of two simple things. It is actually a good old fashioned burger served on a pancake. As a twist, the burger is flattened out thinly, as though this was done with a heavy flat iron, set on the pancake bread, and topped with a spicy beef sauce.

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2. Smoked Meat Sandwich at Schwartz’s Deli

Montreal is generally popular because of its smoked meat. At Schwartz’s Deli, this is the simple inspiration behind the Smoked Meat Sandwich. This succulent and juicy sandwich is bordered with two pieces of rye bread. According to Enrico Frank Andreoli, a Montreal native, the interesting part is that the meat in between is five times thicker than the bread, which officially makes it a carnivore’s delight.

3. Mish-Mash Omelette at Cosmos

Cosmos is popular for serving the most uncompromisingly greasy food to the people of Montreal since 1967. For hearty breakfast eaters, this is the place to get a taste of the famous Mish-Mash Omelette, which comes with a complete offering of chopped tomatoes, onions, and spiced meats of sausage and bacon, mixed up with three eggs. This includes a side of potato hash and a wide selection of bread.

Enrico Frank Andreoli of Montreal highly recommends his hometown as a holiday destination. If you’re going to eat anyway, make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a memorable part of your trip, too.

Enrico Frank Andreoli is a Montreal-based foodie. As someone who enjoys discovering new restaurants, cafés, and hole-in-the-wall eateries, he has decided to sh

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