When in Montreal, try the doner kebab

Image source: blogspot.com

is a foodie based in Montreal, Canada. Over the past few years, he has made it his life’s mission to go around the city and taste the best dishes his hometown has to offer. In the past months, he’s blogged about his mouthwatering adventures, chronicling the best restaurants and food establishments, as well as some of the most exciting dishes everyone in Montreal should try at least once in their lives.

For today’s blog, Enrico Frank Andreoli puts the spotlight on one of his favorite exotic dishes — the doner kebab. This pita-wrapped delicacy made of moist, succulent beef, veggies, and cheese is quite an experience for anyone’s taste buds. And looking at these ingredients alone also represents an ideal meal for anyone living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The beef of Turkish staple is usually cooked on a vertical rotisserie and has been around for nearly two centuries. It emerged into the scene in the 1970s as Mahmut Aygun, also known as the Kebab King, took the doner kebab to Berlin, Germany.

Image source: yelp.ca

Enrico Frank Andreoli notes that lamb kebabs on pita bread came later since the taste had to be modified. As such, the Kebab King concocted a groundbreaking yogurt sauce that elevated the kebab’s taste. This sauce was the final piece of the original doner kebab, a dish that thousands of chefs and establishments worldwide have tried to emulate.

Enrico Frank Andreoli is a Montreal-based foodie. As someone who enjoys discovering new restaurants, cafés, and hole-in-the-wall eateries, he has decided to sh

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